Award Process Guide

Application & Award Process

Smaller cities and rural communities interested in being one of five ‘Lighthouse Communities’ awarded their own Digital TV & Internet Radio Station thru NGMC’s #RuralIsRelevant Initiative are required to follow our comprehensive awards process to ensure the success of this ground-breaking program, starting with the application form:

Complete our short form application to determine interest and initial eligibility of qualifying communities.

Apply Now

*Please review the entire Application & Award Process outlined on this page before submitting your application.

Initial Interview

  • An initial 45-minute interview will be conducted with you (the applicant) to review the application details you submitted, and determine whether you and your community are eligible for the next step in the process.

  • 2nd Interview

  • The second interview is a deep-dive interview with you, lasting roughly 1 ½ hours, to determine if the preconditions are in place within your community to ensure the Station’s success.
  • This interview includes a question-and-answer period, allowing you to ask questions of NGMC in understanding what your benefits & responsibilities are if awarded.

  • Final Interview

  • A final long-form interview will be conducted with you and your community’s supporting organizations & businesses to determine capacity and overall community support.
  • Ten community finalists will be invited to participate in a LIVE digital broadcast announcing the 5 Lighthouse Community Award Winners.
  • The 5 Lighthouse Community Award Winners will receive a celebration & fanfare to mark the historic occasion.
  • Lighthouse Community Award Winners will be provided with Welcome Packets & Next Steps Guides, kicking off the Pre-Launch Process…

    Pre-Launch Process

    With the initial 5 Lighthouse Communities awarded, the Pre-Launch Process begins! NGMC will work hand-in-hand with each Lighthouse Community to meet the 100-day launch window. Please review the following Pre-Launch Process steps, milestones, & responsibilities:

  • The first step in the Pre-Launch Process is a virtual (and in some cases in-person) meeting between key NGMC & Lighthouse personnel to outline the responsibilities of both organizations throughout the Process and set milestone markers for when tasks need to be completed.
  • This meeting also serves as the first chance to identify potential content creators, advertisers, & production crew within the community.
  • Marketing & outreach assets are provided to the Lighthouse personnel to begin recruiting potential Station employees.
  • Responsible Organization: NGMC

  • The Lighthouse Community’s first task is to legally establish their Co-Op entity as the governing body that oversees the Station’s operations & financials.
  • Collection of the required community funding contribution is to be compiled, and financial assistance/subsidies will need to begin their application processes.
  • The Station’s physical location (if applicable) is to be determined and lease documents are to be signed under the established Co-Op entity.
  • Using NGMC’s provided Position & Hiring Guide, the Lighthouse is to begin the hiring process of the Station’s operational & production crews.
  • The Lighthouse is to begin identifying & contracting talent, content creators, and advertisers
  • Responsible Organization: Lighthouse

    Working from information provided by the Lighthouses about their community, digital & physical branding assets & identity will be created for the Station, including:

  • Station Website
  • Social Media Channels
  • Marketing Materials
  • Signs & Banners
  • Responsible Organization: NGMC

    Station equipment will be compiled & distributed to the Lighthouses along with detailed setup instructions

  • Computers & Streaming Servers will be pre-loaded with Lighthouse-specific software applications and content
  • Necessary licenses will be filed by NGMC on behalf of the Station to ensure compliance with digital broadcasting standards
  • Necessary software applications will be configured by NGMC for use by Station personnel
  • Responsible Organization: NGMC

    Personnel will be required to complete NGMC-created online learning modules and pass a base operations competency assessment

  • Operational
  • Production
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Misc
  • Responsible Organization: Lighthouse

    Within 30 days of Station Launch, NGMC and the Lighthouse will work hand-in-hand to implement Pre-Launch marketing campaigns to create Stations awareness within the community via the following avenues:

  • Social Media
  • Street Team
  • Business Partnerships
  • Responsible Organization: NGMC & Lighthouse

  • Within 2 weeks of Station Launch, the Lighthouse will have produced & packaged at least 2 episodes of all shows that will be available at launch.
  • All advertising that will be available at Station launch will have been produced and scheduled in the automation systems.
  • Production & broadcast schedules will be produced & published.
  • Responsible Organization: Lighthouse

  • NGMC personnel will perform detailed assessments of Lighthouse personnel & systems to ensure the Station is ready for a clean launch on the launch date.
  • A Grand Opening event will be held for the community to celebrate the official launch and create further awareness of the Station.
  • To further support the community, the Grand Opening will fully consist of local:

  • Vendors
  • Food Trucks or Catering
  • Activities
  • Live DJ or Band
  • And Much More!
  • Responsible Organization: NGMC & Lighthouse

    Post-Launch Process

    While the Pre-Launch Process prepares the Lighthouse to be fully self-sufficient, NGMC is dedicated to ensuring Stations see marked growth and ongoing success. Please review the following Post-Launch Process commitments supported by NGMC and the minimum requirements to be sustained by the Lighthouse Station:

    NGMC allows & empowers its Lighthouse Stations to operate autonomously, providing ongoing soft-contact and robust support when needed. These support services include:

  • Monthly Success Meetings
  • On-Demand Operational & Technical Support
  • New Product & Application Roll-Outs
  • Event Feature Support
  • For Lighthouse Stations to remain in good standing within the Franchise Agreement, NGMC has instituted generous minimum requirements that the Stations must adhere to. These requirements are assessed on a Station’s:

  • Operations
  • Content
  • Financials