About National Grassroots Media Corporation

The National Grassroots Media Corporation aims to enact real-world change and push the boundaries of the broadcast industry as a Digital TV & Internet Radio Network Provider to “micro-niche” communities (geographic, lifestyle or ethnic). We are pioneers of Live, On-Demand, & Pay-Per-View television broadcasting, plus Internet Radio & Podcast distribution.

“Our goal is the give grassroots communities (geographic, lifestyle or ethnic) a voice, to build community connectiveness and community cohesion” said co-founder Ian Hill. Hill went on to say “With the use of OTT technology we can leap over traditional broadcast and media infrastructure and provide every community with a voice! We want to be a catalyst to building creative, engaged and active communities, which will result in those communities thriving in the 21st century.”

“NGMC networks, affiliates, and content are available on RokuTV, AppleTV, AndroidTV and Amazon FireTV, as well mobile and all major audio podcast and live-streaming platforms, and of course on the world wide web” said NGMC Technical Officer.

We know that those in their specific community are the key component to making the above a reality.  We are well aware that traditional media outlets are fading away and so to is all the value they brought to the Communities they served.

We have a three-prong approach to our mission:

  • Rural Is Relevant Initiative
    We recognize the incredible value of media within smaller cities (under 60,000) and the rural communities of our country. These communities are being left behind in the digital age! The CDC has said that there are over 3,400 communities in the US afflicted by “a crisis in communication.” We are bringing Digital TV and Internet Radio Stations to these underserved communities while providing the guidance & tools to help them tell their stories, communicate news, showcase emerging talent, and broadcast LIVE community events. After all, there can be no crisis with access to communication.
  • Network Partnerships
    Are you irrationally passionate about a geographic, lifestyle, or ethnic interest with the drive to rally like-minded content creators to your vision? We are experts in the building of “micro-niche” Digital TV & Internet Radio Networks, focusing on targeted subject matters versus broad general interests. What matters most is that there is an irrationality passionate stakeholder group that is underserved by traditional media. We partner with influencers within these stakeholder groups to launch Digital TV & Internet Radio Networks serving these “micro-niches”.
  • Content Partnerships
    Great ideas don’t have to be limited by the work that goes into launching and running your own expansive network. Perhaps you’re looking to get your feet wet in media broadcasting by starting with a channel or weekly show. The Grassroots Broadcasting Network currently owns & operates four of its own “micro-niche” Digital TV & Internet Radio Networks, each serving as an entry point for those looking to incubate their growing passion for television and radio broadcasting.These networks include:
    NGBN.tv – A personal & professional development network that serves men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. It’s home to top experts, authors, speakers, influencers, and presenters in the areas of mental health, physical wellness, personal growth, and professional excellence.