Award Application

Rural is Relevant InitiativeThink about sitting down to watch TV (on a traditional TV or your cell phone) and you are using a Roku, Apple TV, or smart TV. You can select things like Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, etc. Now, imagine there was a button that said, “My Town USA”. You click that button, and it plays shows and commercials that are all about your town. The local news is brought to you by someone you know from your home town. The commercials reflect businesses in your downtown. You can even watch local sporting events. And, not only can you watch them, but your relatives who live two states over can also click on “Your Town USA” and watch the same things.

As you answer these questions, think about how your community could best use this channel to function better and/or promote themselves. Think about the voids you have now and how this could fill them.


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Your Community

This can be anything from local news to emergency awareness, or selling goods and services to the outside world.
For example, a TV Station that is 50 miles away or a radio station that is local/not local/syndicated